The Way(s) Forward for Urbanism, Part I

I previously explained my overarching view of 21st century urban planning here, but I did not spell out exact formulas for success. I do not claim to have such formulas; I am fairly sure they don’t even exist. But there are ideas — and they are coming from everywhere. Some of these ideas will hold value and some will not. It is the job of the 21st century urban planner not just to come up with such ideas but to sort through the ideas of others and to execute them on an individualized basis.

Here I bring you the first installment in a series of posts intended to illuminate different urban planning ideas from around the world (this one is from Paris). Christian de Portzamparc, take it away:

Stay tuned for Part II, coming from New Orleans!


5 thoughts on “The Way(s) Forward for Urbanism, Part I

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  2. […] That is, of course, not the case at all. Time for round five! You can find the first four parts here, here, here and here. The new West Hollywood Library. Photo courtesy LA […]

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  4. […] can find the first five parts here, here, here, here and here. Photo courtesy […]

  5. […] that I found around the Internet, and I’m pleased with the result. This serieis included a video of Christian de Portzamparc’s discussing his ideas; a piece advocating for more government […]

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