Hurricane Irene Moves North

OK, this isn’t exactly architectural, but it is related.

So there’s a damn big storm moving north from the Caribbean islands, particularly concerning for me given that I’m currently in a beachside Delaware house. The storm comes on the heels of another major natural occurrence, the 5.8-magnitude earthquake that hit the East Coast on Tuesday, which generated more Tweets than the death of Osama bin Laden. Seriously.

The earthquake was really nothing — here in Delaware I felt the ground shake a little while I read The New York Times on the beach. But it did cause some architectural damage to the National Cathedral, the Washington Monument and some other Washington landmarks. The complete list is here.

But the bigger threat is still approaching. Hurricane Irene is predicted to rip up the coast, hitting everywhere from North Carolina to Connecticut. It may even cancel the Sunday dedication of Washington’s new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, which I blogged about a few days ago. President Obama is scheduled to speak at that dedication. I wonder if he realizes that it’s not exactly an architectural masterpiece. (That said, I would like to go on the record as STRONGLY disagreeing with those who claim it is wrong that the memorial was sculpted by a Chinese sculptor largely in his studio in China. That’s precisely the sort of thing King himself would have championed. Now, if only the resulting sculpture itself were better… )

For coverage of the hurricane, I recommend visiting Bloody Shrubbery (the coverage will be Connecticut-centric, but excellent nonetheless). Bloody Shrubbery, one of my absolute favorite blogs, is run by my good friend Frederick McNulty who’s going to start in just a few days at Connecticut College. (Good luck!)

To take your mind off the hurricane, I recommend checking out Bloody Shrubbery’s Fresh Friday series, which in Fred’s words “mostly focuses on fashion, [though] it also extends to grooming, architecture, accessories and personalities.” There’s a lot more Korean pop music than architecture on there, but it’s definitely a lot of fun.


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