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George F. Will weighs in on architecture

This, a model of Frank Gehry's proposed Eisenhower Memorial in Washington, DC, is the project in question. Image courtesy DCist.

Everyone, meet George F. Will. He’s a syndicated right-wing columnist at the Washington Post (although at the rate things are going, maybe not for much longer) and the author of this recent gem, a jaw-dropping exhibition of architectural ignorance and general idiocy. The full breakdown after the break. Continue reading

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The way(s) forward for urbanism, part VI

Particularly astute readers might have noticed that this is the second time part VI has appeared. Why? Because the post formerly with this title, which can be found here, really isn’t about urbanism at all. I lost focus, and now I hope to correct that by redoing this correctly.

Yes, this is strange, and far more flashy and polished than most urban gardens, but I do think it's interesting enough to merit a photograph. (I certainly would like this garden.) Photo courtesy Bella Online.

Apparently, in some major cities, urban gardening is on the rise. More on this new trend after the break.

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