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George F. Will weighs in on architecture

This, a model of Frank Gehry's proposed Eisenhower Memorial in Washington, DC, is the project in question. Image courtesy DCist.

Everyone, meet George F. Will. He’s a syndicated right-wing columnist at the Washington Post (although at the rate things are going, maybe not for much longer) and the author of this recent gem, a jaw-dropping exhibition of architectural ignorance and general idiocy. The full breakdown after the break. Continue reading

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Personal Project: Cardboard stool

This project is a few years old, and if I were to do it again I would certainly do it differently, but I think it’s worth taking a look at nonetheless.

Pretty simple. Entirely cardboard and hot glue. Read on past the break for my current thoughts on it and some more pictures. Continue reading


On Deconstructivism

‘Those ‘starchitects’ are just vying for attention,’ they’ll say.

‘There’s no reason for buildings to look that crazy!’

But I disagree. Deconstructivism is one of the most important architectural movements of recent times — and for the most part, it has imbued the profession with a more creative spirit.

More after the break.

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