The Lens: New York’s abandoned subway station

New York's abandoned city hall subway station (constructed 1904) as seen on Web Urbanist. (Photo courtesy Web Urbanist.)


The Lens: Farnsworth House

A stunning building and a stunning rendering (no, this is not a real photograph). I like it so much I made it my desktop background. Photo courtesy Evermotion: Marlasinger.


The Lens: Tile staircase

A fascinating tile staircase in a neo-Georgian classroom building at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh.


The Lens: Occupying D.C.

Occupy Wall Street protestors camping out in Washington, D.C. Regardless of your views on the movement, this photograph says a lot about Occupy's relationship with our democracy and with our government on a number of different levels. I'll leave my analysis at that and let you make up your own mind as to what this image says. Photo by Chip Somodevilla for Getty Images.


The Lens: Fallingwater

An unusual view of one of the greatest buildings in American history -- Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater. This image was taken from behind the main house looking up towards the guest house.


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The Lens: Up above St. Louis

I took this photo looking west into the sunset from the top of Eero Saarinen's St. Louis Arch (which is a monument to westward expansion). The domed building in the foreground is St. Louis's old courthouse.

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The Lens: Richard Rogers’s Madrid airport

Stunning. Simply stunning. My new series "The Lens" will simply consist of single stunning photorgraphs.


Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands has it right

In my post the other day, I talk about how the suburbs are here to stay, and how they need to be treated like opportunities, not irreparable blights on the face of the earth. The filmmaker Tim Burton is an excellent role model in this regard. Below is a screenshot from the film Edward Scissorhands (1991 — and highly recommended). Burton’s caricature of suburbia is spot-on, but not vicious. He sees it for the flawed, and yes, ugly, place that it is, but also makes its inhabitants endearing, real people, and sees that there is some visual wit to be found in its matchy-matchy lawns and colorful houses.

I love this movie.

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